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Keeping the Lights On

 You depend on us to keep the lights on, a responsibility we take seriously. The geographic nature and location of our electricity system exposes us to some of the harshest weather conditions in North America such as ice storms, blizzards and hurricane force winds.

We continue to regularly repair, replace and modernize our system to make sure it can withstand adverse events and weather conditions. Our well-maintained electricity system provides you with safe, reliable service.

Doing our part to provide least-cost service

We buy 93% of the power we deliver to our customers from the Crown Corporation, Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, the primary generator of electricity in the province. The cost of purchasing power is our single largest expense and it represents approximately 2/3 of all of our costs. Increases in the cost of supply have a direct impact on electricity rates for our customers.

Picture of a break down of electricity costs

We understand the impact electricity rates can have on our customers and we remain committed to managing our costs. We have been able to consistently beat inflation when it comes to our operating costs. Providing the safest, most reliable service to our customers, at the least-cost possible, is what guides all of our business decisions.

Newfoundland Power's imact on rates has been half a cent in the last 20 years

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