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Payment Options

Automatic Payment Plan

Sign up for the Automatic Payment Plan and have the amount of your electricity bill automatically deducted from your bank account each month. No cheques, no stamps, no standing in line. Easy and convenient bill payment on time, every time!

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You can also print the enrollment form, complete and send it to Newfoundland Power with a void cheque.

Credit Card Payments

Newfoundland Power does not accept credit card payments. However, you can pay your Newfoundland Power bill with a credit card through Plastiq, a third party online payment service. Customers can use MasterCard, American Express or VISA. Plastiq is not an official agent or partner of Newfoundland Power, but a third party agency which collects credit card payments and redirects them for customers for a fee.

To complete a transaction you will need your credit card details, payment amount, as well as the name and 10 digit account number of your Newfoundland Power account. Please note a fee of 2.50% will be charged to your credit card by Plastiq to complete the transaction. Payments take approximately 3-6 business days to process.

Credit Card Payments

Payment Arrangements

Newfoundland Power will work with customers to ensure continued service and offers payment arrangements if customers have fallen behind in their payments. Customers unable to pay their full balance on time and needing to make payment arrangements can do so online by logging in to their profile. If you’d like to report a payment to us, this service is offered online as well.

Payment Arrangements Report A Payment

Get A Discount: Did you know by paying within 10 business days of your billing date you can receive a 1.5% discount?

Other Payment Options

Newfoundland Power offers several convenient payment options to best suit your needs. In addition to our Automatic Payment Plan, you can pay through your financial institution via internet banking, telephone banking, automated teller machine (ATM) or directly at the teller. Payments can also be made by sending a cheque, money order or MoneyGram.