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Meter Reading Safety

At Newfoundland Power, we consider the safety of our customers and employees our number one priority. The safety of our meter readers may be compromised if pets, ice, snow, tools or equipment interfere with access to your electrical meter. We appreciate the assistance you provide in ensuring our readers complete their work day safely.  

Winter Meter Reading

Newfoundland weather, especially during the winter, can be a challenge for anyone. Rain, snow and ice, sometimes all on the same day (or even in the same hour), provide unsafe driving and walking conditions.


There may be other reasons why the area around a meter is unsafe for reading. Toys, garden hoses, construction materials and trash can cause trip and fall accidents to occur. You can help prevent accidents by maintaining a clear path to your meter and keeping the area in front of the meter open and free of anything that can block a clear view. Meter readers can read most all meters from a distance; however, the meter itself has to be visible.

Why It May Be Necessary To Estimate Your Bill

We know the importance of accurate meter readings. However, there may be times when your energy usage may be estimated. This may occur as a result of severe weather conditions or the inability to pick up a meter signal (example: unable to pick up signal as a result of proximity). Alternatively, you can submit your reading online.