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Procedures and Requests

Metering Standards

Metering Standards Diagrams are provided for electricians and engineering consultants to use when designing and constructing service entrances and the electrical layout for new and upgraded installations. These standards must be adhered to in order to meet Newfoundland Power and Canadian Electrical Code requirements.

Disconnect/Reconnect Policy and Procedures

Newfoundland Power is committed to ensuring disconnections and reconnections are completed in a safe manner by qualified personnel in accordance with applicable legal requirements. If disconnects/reconnects are not being completed by Newfoundland Power personnel they shall only be completed by electricians and electrical contractors authorized by Newfoundland Power.

Disconnect/Reconnect Policy and Procedures  Request A Disconnect/Reconnect 

Processes and Procedures

A solid understanding of our processes and procedures for field work helps to manage customer expectations. Learn more about some of our most popular work requests and what you can expect when you make a request.

Overhead Clearance Permits Underground Power Line Location Power Line Cover Ups Metering and Current Transformers (CTs) Working in a Bell Aliant Pole Area