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Street Light Installation

Process and Procedures

When you request a street light or street lights to be installed on a property or in a subdivision, the work will be scoped out by our provisioning services department.

If not already done, a survey stake will be placed to show the location of the new street light(s). It is important to keep these stakes in the ground until the work is completed. Next, a trench approximately 1-2 feet wide and 3-3.5 feet deep will be excavated from the light location to a pole near the property. This trench will contain 120V conductor encased in conduit to power the light. This conductor travels from the street light, underground through conduit, and then up a utility pole where it is connected to the power source.

A trench will be excavated on the Newfoundland Power property easement which in most cases will follow the civil property boundaries. Equipment used may include rubber tire backhoes, mini excavators and hand digging tools. If there are any obstacles in the easement they will be avoided if possible and every effort will be made to restore property to its original condition.

The trench will be back filled and a property restoration crew will follow at a later date to install new topsoil and sod if required. For subdivisions it is recommended to wait until all lights and poles have been installed before completing any landscaping. If the property is already landscaped and paved, there is a possibility the driveway may have to be cut.