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Special Care Customers

Our Special Care Customer List is for customers who require electricity for medical purposes and would like to be notified of planned outages in advance. This listing contains customer contact information and a brief description of special health requirements (i.e. reliance on oxygen machine or dialysis). If an outage is planned, a Customer Service Specialist will attempt to make direct contact with customers on our Special Care Customer List to allow them to make important health decisions or alternate arrangements. Customers who are dependent upon medical equipment should always have a backup power supply available and have it checked and tested regularly.

If you have life-sustaining equipment that is reliant upon electricity, please register for our Special Care Customer List by calling 1-800-663-2802.
Please note: Contact may not always be possible during unplanned outages, such as those related to weather or damage to the electricity system. In these instances, all resources are allocated to restoring power as quickly and safely as possible. If you do not hear from us but have questions or concerns, please contact us.