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tree trimming


Trimming trees around power lines should only be attempted by trained professionals. Serious injuries and even fatalities can occur when untrained individuals attempt to do this work themselves.

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Power Lines Near Your Home


Service Drop/Wire: The service wire brings electricity from the utility pole through to a metal mast on your dwelling. Trees around service wires could damage your mast and cause a power interruption to your home or business. We recommend a three foot distance between trees and this wire. Newfoundland Power does not maintain trees that are on or near your service wire, so you will need to contact a qualified contractor to conduct this tree trimming work.


Communication Wires: Communication wires (phone, cable and internet) are the lower wires that run along the street and into your dwelling. These are not electrical wires. Trees around these wires do not threaten the electricity system.


Guy Wires: A guy wire is a cable that provides physical support to utility poles. They usually contain a protective yellow covering. These are not electrical wires. Trees or bushes around these wires do not threaten the electricity system.


  A tree that has three meters (10ft) of horizontal clearance between a power line or utility pole is a not a threat to the electricity system.  


  High Voltage Power Lines: These are primary power lines. When we trim trees around these lines we will ensure there is a six foot clearance between the line and any branches. Never attempt to trim trees on or near these lines.  


  Emergency - Tree on Wire: If you have an emergency situation that is resulting in smoke, sparks, flickering lights in your home or business, or damage to a utility pole or infrastructure, please call us immediately at 1-800-474-5711.


To help prevent potential future problems, use the guide below if you are planting new trees on your property.

How Much Will Be Cut From My Trees?

When trimming operations are performed around poles and high voltage power lines, our experts make every attempt to trim sufficient clearance so that the tree will remain safe until we return on our next routine maintenance cycle.

Our trimmers are trained in proper pruning techniques and do their best to redirect growth away from the power lines while attempting to protect the health of the tree.

Trees with trunks in close proximity to power lines require much heavier pruning than trees which are located a greater distance from the line. In some cases, large trees growing close to power lines have to be pruned so severely that it becomes necessary to take the tree down.

How We Manage Vegetation

We currently operate a vegetation management program with routine maintenance cycles for tree trimming that range from three and a half to seven years. Tree growth rate ranges for different species and require different pruning cycles to maintain the required distance between lines and trees. 

Concerned about a tree?

If you are concerned about a tree that is too close to power lines, please use our online form or call us at 1-800-663-2802 to get your request started.