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Understanding My Bill

How Does Your Home Use Electricity?

Understanding Your Bill 1

If your primary heat source is electric, during the colder winter months, your electric heaters work harder to maintain your home's desired temperature. You can therefore expect a higher electricity bill. If you do not have electric heat, you can expect other things in your home such as hot water, appliances/electronics and lighting, to have a greater impact on your electricity bill.

Will My Bill Go Up?

Understanding My Bill 2

There are factors we cannot change, such as temperature and daylight hours. However, making energy efficient upgrades to your home can often help with managing your electricity consumption. Information and product rebates are available through

Learn About The Details On Your Bill

Understanding Your Bill 3

A great way to evaluate your monthly electricity bill is to compare it with your bill from the same month last year. Comparing your bill with the previous month does not account for seasonal temperature changes. This information is available on your bill as well as online via My Account. Since the number of days included in your bill can vary, look at the average kWh/day, this allows for the best comparison.

Learn More About Your Bill

We know the importance of accurate meter readings. We make every reasonable attempt to access and read your meter safely every month. However, there may be times when your meter reading may need to be estimated.

Reasons may include:

  • Safety concerns 
  • Severe weather
  • Inaccessibility (locked gate, interior location)
  • Presence of an animal (i.e. dog)

The next time we read your meter, we adjust your account to reflect your actual electricity usage. You only pay for the electricity you use.

Learn More About Estimates