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Meter Reading

Submit Your Own Reading

If conditions do not permit safe access to your electricity meter, your reading for the month may be estimated. If this is the case you can choose to submit your own meter reading online.

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Meter Reading Estimates 

We know the importance of accurate meter readings. However, there may be times when your energy usage may be estimated. This may occur as a result of severe weather conditions or the inability to pick up the meter signal (example: unable to pick up signal as a result of proximity).

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Meter Changes

If you receive notification that we plan to replace the electricity meter on your house, it’s likely for one of following reasons: 

  1. To test and verify meter accuracy
  2. To replace broken or defective meters
  3. To replace meters nearing their expiry date (per Measurement Canada standards)

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Understanding Your Meter

Your electricity meter is designed to accurately measure the amount of electricity your home or business is using. At Newfoundland Power, we understand how important accurate meter reading and billing is to our customers. The following information will help you understand how your meter works.

Residential Meters     Commercial Meters