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Commercial Rates

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Newfoundland Power has 3 different rate classes for commercial customers depending on your energy usage requirements. Your rate class is identified on the top of your Newfoundland Power bill and will read either 2.1, 2.3 or 2.4.

Contribution in Aid of Construction

Your service connection may be as simple as installing a service wire between an existing pole and your home, or it may involve the construction of a new power line. Based on the location of your property in relation to the electrical system or your particular service requirements, you may be required to pay a cost associated with the provision of your electrical service.

Newfoundland Power is required to use one of two Contribution in Aid of Construction (CIAC) Policies to determine the amount, if any, that customers must pay towards the cost of providing electrical service. The two policies are:

  1. CIAC Policy For Distribution Line Extensions To Residential And Seasonal Residential Customers.
  2. CIAC Policy For Distribution Line Extensions and Upgrades To General Service Customers.

If you plan to build and require an electrical service, call Newfoundland Power in the preliminary stages of the design. A technician will be able to give you advice on the best location for your electrical service and an indication of whether or not a CIAC for electrical service will be required. If you plan to purchase a cottage and would like electrical service, contact Newfoundland Power to determine if a CIAC is required for that particular cottage area.

Security Deposits

When you open a new account, we may require a security deposit if you:

  • Are a limited liability company incorporated for less than two years.
  • Do not have a good credit rating.
  • Are considered a high risk business venture such as a:
    • Service station where the customer is the lessee;
    • Snack bar or take out;
    • Lounge, night club, or bar;
    • Restaurant;
    • Construction site, at the request of the contractor
  • Apply for a new service that is bulk-metered.

The amount of the security deposit is the estimated average cost of two months' electrical service. If all security deposit requirements are met, cash deposits will be refunded after two years with interest. If not met, your account will be reviewed thereafter on a yearly basis. Interest is applied at prime less two per cent.

Security deposits can be in the form of:

  • Cash deposit;
  • Bank letter of credit;
  • Payment bond;
  • Letter of guarantee.