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Save Energy


Everybody Doing Their Part

By making energy efficiency upgrades, our customers saved enough electricity to power the towns of Clarenville, Gander, and Stephenville for over a year! We're committed to helping you save energy and money, and to doing our part to reduce costs too.

Newfoundland Power is proud to present takeCHARGE, a program designed to help our customers understand how to use energy wisely. There are also rebates to help both homeowners and businesses take action to reduce their energy use. Conserving energy also helps to manage electrical demand during times of peak energy use, such as during extremely cold temperatures. If and when you are required to reduce your electricity use, we will provide advance notice to help you prepare and advise what actions you can take to help.

Saving Energy Starts Here

takeCHARGE is proud to offer rebate programs and energy efficiency advice tailored specifically for homeowners and businesses.

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When & How To Conserve

You will receive Electricity System Notifications on what to do when the province's power supply is not sufficient enough to meet customer demand for electricity.

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