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Hiring Process

At Newfoundland Power, our hiring cycle has 4 steps:


We are presently seeking individuals for this position. Jobs are normally open for two weeks.


All resumes for the job are reviewed to determine suitability to the position. Then, selected applicants are contacted for a formal interview.


The interviews are held in person where possible, but we use various video conferencing platforms to interview candidates when required.

Filled and Closed

Once the successful job candidate has accepted the position, the status of the job moves to Filled and Closed.

Job Hunting?

We hire talented professionals from an array of professional fields.


There are some important things you should keep in mind when preparing to apply for a job:

Your Resume

Your resume must speak to the specific job that you are applying for. A resume should contain: Employment History; Professional Skills and Experience; Qualifications; Accomplishments and Awards; Professional Development/Education; Volunteer Involvement; Contact Information; References. Finally, your resume should be error-free. Remember to make sure the spelling, grammar and formatting are correct.


The secret to a successful interview is to Prepare, Practice and Participate. Preparation includes knowing your resume, researching the job and preparing for questions. Remember to be on time, dress professionally, pause before answering questions and use relevant examples.